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Yealmpton Primary School

Yealmpton Primary School

Reading and Phonics

At Yealmpton Primary School we believe that everyone can succeed in reading, developing a love of books and knowledge. We aim to help all children to become competent readers and help them to see reading as an intrinsically pleasurable and worthwhile activity which will help them to become lifelong learners. Providing a wide variety of good quality texts, which will appeal to all children, we teach a range of strategies to help children to become effective readers.

At the beginning of their journey, in Foundation, we use a synthetic phonics approach to teach early reading skills providing a systematic programme of reading which involves a combination of shared, guided and individual reading. We aim to develop a reciprocal and interactive community of readers, fully involving parents and carers with supporting their child’s reading development. We believe that it is important for children to hear stories read aloud to them, to engage in making preferences about books and to build vocabulary of the written word.

Our Reading Community - where reading grows and adventures begin!

Welcome to our exciting reading wall. Read the book reviews by scrolling down the wall and maybe decide what you will read next. We will review books for you here, but also you may add a review when you finish a book that you have particularly enjoyed. That way we will - as a whole school reading community - grow our wall of children's books which are currently trending. See below on how we would like you to add a post.  

Reading Review Wall

Made with Padlet

This is really easy to use. You write the post and we will approve it and then it will be on the wall for everyone to read. 

What we would like you to do:

  • Click one of the crosses at the top of the wall,
  • Type the title  in bold,
  • Type the author underneath, 
  • Write a little bit about the book and what you liked about it and who you would recommend it for,
  • Get your parent to check the spelling, 
  • If you can , add a picture of the front cover ( use a photograph saved as a jpeg file and upload like a normal file).