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Yealmpton Primary School

Yealmpton Primary School

The Fasinating Industrial Revolution!!

Around 1750 to the 1900s, the industrial revolution started and finished. From steam trains to areoplanes, the industrial revolution shaped our morden day lives. Imagine trying to get to Australia from here without an areoplane, a train, a ferry or a car. This is why we should all thank our faithful Victorians.

Although this genius period of time was filled with glamorous inventions, it wasn't all glizt and glamour for all the Victorian workers. In the filthy factories, many workers would get ill and hurt, sometimes even die. These foul places were known as the work houses. Children would sometimesgrow up in the work houses, only seeing their parents once or twice a month!

Even though things seemed awful during the industrial revolution, you would be living in harsher conditions without it. When your poorly, their wouldn't be any medicine to make you better. When it is raining, their wouldn't be a car to drive you to school. The industrial revolution was just lots of inventors trying to make life easier for everyone, even if it wasn't a very nice period of time to be living in.